Top 5 Windows Phone 8 Games with Download Links | Details with Screenshots

Top 5 Windows Phone 8 Games with Download Links | Details with Screenshots

Earlier, I posted 'Top 5 Windows Phone 8 Racing Games with Download Links'. Its page-views clocked 1500 in only 1 day. So in this post, I'm back with some more Windows Phone 8 games. All these which I provide are free to download from Windows Marketplace because third party apps cannot be installed in WP8. The reason behind it is that Windows phone comes with developer lock which can't be jailbroken like we do in iPhone. Make sure you download these games from Windows Store either from phone or you can download it in computer and transfer it into SD card and install it manually. 

1. AE 3D Moto - The Lost City

This game is sequel of  AE 3D Moto which I've provided in my previous post. The new version of this game makes the tilt controls more smoother. New scenes are also included which makes the game more addictive to play. You should try to collect broken puzzles.

AE 3D Moto - The Lost City WP8 game download

Download Link - AE 3D Moto - The Lost City

2. Temple Run(1 GB RAM required)

After hitting Android Play Store and Apple App Store, Temple Run comes to Windows Store but it requires 1 GB RAM to play which is only available in Lumia 920 yet. This game don't need any description as you already know about it, eh ?? 

Temple Run WP8 game download

Download Link - Temple Run

3. Jetpack Joyride

In this game, the player whose name is Barry breaks into secret laboratory to command the experimental jetpacks from the clutches of scientists. This game is very addictive to play, you just have to tap the screen to control the jetpack worn Barry. You will have to collect coins to unlock new jetpacks and cool items. 

Jetpack Joyride WP8 Game Download

Download Link - Jetpack Joyride

4. AE Fruit Slash

This game is just like Fruit Ninja which costs $0.99 in the Windows Store. So instead of wasting $1, you should try this. Lots of fruits will come, you will have to cut them with your finger. Slide your finger over the screen to cut any fruit but don't let any fruit to drop otherwise you game will be over.

Fruit Ninja WP8 Game Download XAP

Download Link - AE Fruit Slash

5. AE Roundy POP

The task of the game is to clear the board by popping groups of 2 or more blocks of the same color, there is no time limit, the goal of the game is to clear more blocks in a single remove, reach the target points and proceed to next stage. The more blocks you pop, the more scores you will get.

AE Roundy POP WP8 Game Download

Download Link - AE Roundy POP

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